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Our wonderful guru-like creative team thrives because we scored:

Paul Kidd

Paul Kidd is an author, screen writer and games designer. He is the warrior of fruit and flowers. When the Great Bell is rung, he shall be there! Paul is a dedicated writer. His great strengths are character creation and world design. After a degree in history and literature, Paul began his career as a professional writer, and has never looked back.

Paul’s published novels include such acclaimed works as “A Whisper of Wings”, “The Fangs of K’aath”, and the “White Plume Mountain” trilogy. In addition to novels, Paul is the author of dozens of computer games. He has written and published role playing games and supplements, boardgames and card games. He is the author of numerous comic books, including the damned silly “Tank Vixens” series, as well as “Spooky and Tinkle”.

Paul’s fan website is at

Paul is an obsessive wargamer, comicbook collector and art fan. His typical weekend activities revolve around practicing katana, bo, naginata and yari techniques at the Katori Shinto Ryu.

Ian Spenceley

Ian is currently the Managing Director of Pure Hubris Ltd. As well as managing the business affairs of Pure Hubris Ian's other roles within the company involve those of film producer: attending to the co-development of the company's intellectual property with his co-principal, Paul Kidd and the sourcing and negotiation of finance for production of film projects.

As a film producer in the early stages of his career Ian has worked hard and intelligently to build relationships within the international film community. Bad Credit & Aliens though only a small production can be seen as possibly his most successful work to date. As Co-Producer on BC&A he worked in association with Melissa Hasluck (Producer) and Michael Bond (Writer/Director). Bad Credit & Aliens gained favourable reviews in several national and international film festivals.

Russell Corr

After graduating University with an honours degree in History and Politics, Russell settled into a career in Political Affairs at Westminster before deciding to pursue a more creative path.

Following a spell at EMI as press officer he followed his favourite band down under and set up his own record label Oval Records in Sydney . He also managed a number of bands in Sydney before a move back into the mainstream beckoned.

After accepting the role of National Marketing Manager for Allied Express Transport in Sydney it was not long before he was transferred to Perth to run the WA operation. During this spell in Perth he met up again with old friend Ian Spenceley and joined Pure Hubris as a Director.

Now back in Sydney currently running his own business, Russell continues to work with Pure Hubris on a part time basis. He brings a extensive experience in the fields of Marketing and Media Relations to the company and will be overseeing this area for Pure Hubris in the near future.

pure [peu-er]. eng: ideal, perfect | HUBRIS [hui-bris]. gr. extreme self assurance, pride so overweening that it tempts the gods.
* [a typical comment made by people who hear that you think your material can actually make it in the 'big time']

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