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Welcome to Pure Hubris : : : : : : : : : :

Pure Hubris is a media development and production company based in Perth, Australia. We create and produce ground-breaking material for the international film and television markets. We set our sights high, and achieve results.

Our members' backgrounds give us a unique suite of skills and experience. This allows Pure Hubris to comprehensively develop our properties across multiple media, embracing novels, comics, games, electronic games and marketing. Our productions cover live action, animation, written word - whatever best serves the story's needs.

Pure Hubris' material is always created with artistry and attention. Skilled storytelling, creative production solutions and a deep understanding of the multi-national marketplace give our material its unique strength. Strong production alliances give Pure Hubris the ability to get the job done.

You can find our featured projects waiting in the greenroom.






Announcing the opening of KITSUNE PRESS.

Paul Kidd's latest novels are now available for purchase online.

The first books to hit the Kitsune Press site are the best of his best: Lilith, Dreamscape and Petal Storm.

Also available: A reprint of Paul's first novel, Mus of Kerbridge.

a new voice in film

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